Thursday, 26 November 2009

Donald the e-book

Well, it looks hopeful that my new novel, Burying Brian, will see publication by Immanion Press. Indeed, that likelihood has offered a stay of execution for my first novel, Digging up Donald.

Donald was due to be taken 'out of print', but with Brian's emergence it's been decided that Donald will remain available as a print edition for the time being. The thinking is that should a reader of Brian enjoy that book, he or she might think to pick up a copy of Donald too. I'm happy old Donald is hanging in there; I've a soft spot for the lad.

Talking of Digging up Donald—the book has now been made available as an e-book, and can be downloaded in a variety of formats sure to be compatible with any e-book reader. The price to download is a meagre five US dollars, and it may be bought at

And to celebrate, Donald now has its own Blog.

Donald's Blog

Why not pop over and say hello, make a comment, ask a question, or even hurl abuse?

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Bob Lock said...

Thanks for the visit and congrats on finishing NaNoWriMo,Steven.