Sunday, 2 January 2011

Writers read, don't they?

It struck me yesterday I'm not reading as much as I used to. The last time I stopped reading it was because I needed glasses. You'd think that would be an obvious one, really, not being able to see the words and all, but it surprised me back then how long I went before I realised the problem was physical. It was only when my arm wasn't long enough to hold the book that it dawned. A swift visit to the Optician's, and behold, the world was back in focus.

I suppose I could need a new prescription, but this time it feels less physical and more a question of setting time aside for reading.

So, I'm going to promise myself I'll read at least a book a month. I'm not a slow reader, but often I force myself to read slowly to immerse myself in the story. And it's so hard these days to read purely for pleasure and not study the writing and language itself. But I reckon a book a month shouldn't be a problem.

So, where to start? Shall I go high-brow or slum it? Literary or genre? Comedic or 'serious'?

I have book tokens, so these words are loaded.

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