Saturday, 1 January 2011

Is this it, then?

So, this is 2011, is it? It's a bit damp. And not much looks different when I look out my window. Possibly that's because my curtains are closed, and should I open them I'll find the world has shifted sideways.

There didn't seem quite so many fireworks at midnight this year. Maybe people have got no money to buy them.

Still, we're off to the football soon. It's an away game, and even though it's not too far for us to travel, I do like the little trips for the football.

Here's hoping you're not too hung over this morning.


Cate Gardner said...

The skies were afire in Tuebrook. Happy 2011.

Steven Pirie said...

Hee, maybe we're all just cheapskates in Croxteth Park...