Saturday, 9 November 2013

Recent Reviews and Comments

Some reviews of Rustblind and Silverbright are now in. Of my story, Not All Trains Crash, reviewer Nick Jackson has this to say:

"Steven Pirie's 'Not All Trains Crash' is a more conventional train crash ghost story but exquisitely related through the eyes of its young protagonists, sisters in search of a truth which has been withheld. A very convincing cast of characters carries the narrative to a most touching finale which is also something of a requiem to the age of steam."

Whilst reviewer Sami Airola says this:

"Steven Pirie's Not All Trains Crash is a touching - and almost heartbreaking - story about ghosts. Ghosts are often associated with horror, but this story isn't horror. Not All Trains Crash is a story about ghosts that are trapped where their train crashed. The author writes beautifully about the ghosts and their situation."

Meanwhile, the inimitable Des Lewis, says this:

""She feels the clunk of a million points changing lines.” A prose threnody on the half-life of ghosts, so utterly touching, so rail-track rhapsodic, with even education being meted out to those who still survive the tunnels of birth or death, factored into by Dickens’ ‘Signalman’ plus a theme and variations upon a collaboration of the words Rustblind and Silverbright. Here we know.

[Very proud that Steven Pirie's work once appeared in the ancient Nemonymous anthologies with “Mary’s Gift, The Stars and Frank’s Pisser”]."

My heartfelt thanks to all who reviewed and said such nice things!

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