Friday, 30 July 2010

A Storm in a Port

As boats go, it's pretty impressive.

The days of the big liners in the Mersey are gone, now. Ship building is a pale shadow of what it was, and containerships have concentrated activity to the humungous container ports, that of nearby Seaforth, but to the detriment of the docks as a whole. When I was young the docks thrived with activity.

So, when the cruise liners do pay a visit, it's a bit special these days.

This is the Queen Victoria. She's in Liverpool to commemorate 170 years of Cunard operating services from the Mersey. Their first ship, RMS Britannia, set sail for America on July 4th, 1840. For its day, I suspect it was every bit as grand as this vessel.

Stormy skies, and the Liverpool skyline, make a fitting backdrop.


Cate Gardner said...

Its so good to look out the office window and see people huddled around the swimming pool or eating their breakfast. My office building is the red one by the pointy bit of the ship.

Steven Pirie said...

I've been in that office, albeit about four years ago. So, if you've been there that long we may have inadvertently met!

Cate Gardner said...

How cool. We've been in that building for five years now.