Monday, 1 March 2010

Mr Abershaw's Happening Day

I notice Gabriel Strange has posted the short film Mr Abershaw's Happening Day to You Tube.

So, what's all that about? I hear you ask.

Well, the script for the film is my short story "Digging Up Donald", the same short story that subsequently grew into the novel "Digging Up Donald".

I think the film captures the tone of the work very well. And what a thrill to see one's words cross media, as it were. The film lasts about fifteen minutes, and is posted in two parts.

Part One

Part Two

It would be wonderful if you took a look, and even more so if you posted your thoughts.


Doug said...

How cool!

Jim Corwell said...

Simply excellent. Get ready for another print run :oD

Steven Pirie said...

Thanks, guys...