Sunday, 23 August 2009

Steve Does Spain

I went to Spain.

We've never done the package holiday thing. When we've been away in the past it's always been an independent affair. We've tended to book our own flights and accomodation, and travelled to places with lots to see and do. So, in truth, the thought of being almost locked to an hotel and sitting around a swimming pool all day scared me a little.

But I have to say how easy it was to fall into the ultra relaxed mode that makes such an idea as sitting about all day seem wonderful.

Having said that, the centre of Salou was only ten minutes' walk away, and we took excursions to Barcelona and Montserrat. So there was some variety in the week. Barcelona is a beautiful city; the only shame was that we had so little time to see it. Maybe next time.

Anyway, the batteries are recharged, and here we go...


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Ultra-relaxation sounds quite lovely. :)


Steven Pirie said...

It was. Unfortunately, stress kicks back in quickly when you get back to the grindstone :-)