Saturday, 28 February 2009


Well, I picked up some reviews for recently published fiction.

Of my story "The Book of Ruth" published in Black Static 8:

"The Book of Ruth" by Steven Pirie is another quintessentially British dark fantasy, sexual abuse in the window of a charity shop, but not only is the story short, but Pirie may surprise many readers with where he takes it -- the ending is unexpected and delightfully satisfying.

In Steven Pirie's 'The Book of Ruth' a seemingly schizophrenic charity shop worker starts hearing voices from a mysterious second hand book. Her descent into madness is effectively handled, but I found the character of her quietly abusive boss even more compelling, with his secret lust for the heroine leading to a memorable moment of horror. Just don't look in the fridge.

'The Book of Ruth' by Steven Pirie is a dark tale of desperate, quiet, frustration and horrific sexual abuse set in that most inoffensive of suburban places, the local charity shop. Very British in tone and language it ends with the most unexpected of turns.

Of my story "Leonard Rom" published in Premonitions:

Steven Pirie’s contribution is called “Leonard Rom,” named for an AI looking after a generation starship. There’s a problem with Leonard’s ROM, and the ship’s other AIs are concerned; but Leonard won’t listen, which leads to a macabre and effective twist. The greater part of the story’s force is invested in that twist, which can be a risky approach, but it’s fine here, because the payoff works so well.

Leonard Rom, by Steven Pirie, is more substantial, the story of a colony ship's computer that has reinterpreted its mission to place one human on each discovered planet. This neat idea, with its echoes of O'Bannon and Carpenter's Dark Star and HAL from 2001, is further enlivened by some witty dialogue and a couple of laugh out loud jokes.

Peter Tennant, Case Notes, Black Static 9.

My thanks to all reviewers. I'm thrilled that all are positive...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Steven! It sounds like an intriguing story. I'll pick it up.

Too bad they didn't give you a t-shirt when your book came out. We could be squabbling over that one, too! :)


K. Allen Wood said...

Wicked! I really want to subscribe to Black Static.

My word verification is pinki. Hmmm...